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Getting started with Pronounce

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The headset offers two separate programs.

Even though the stories are the same, level 2 contains more complex sentences (structure, syntax, …) and is spoken at a faster pace.

We recommend starting with level 1, and switching to level 2 if and when you feel comfortable. 

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Our method promotes and relies on self-correction: thanks to bone conduction, dynamic filtering and repetition, you will become more and more in tune with the sounds and rhythms of English.

You will gradually learn to pay attention to your own rhythm and trust your ability to self-correct, which will naturally improve over time. 

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If you struggle with a phrase or if you miss something during your practice, do not worry about it because you are likely to hear it again later on.

What matters the most is how you feel during the exercise: if you feel generally comfortable, you should move on to the next scene.

However, if you feel uncomfortable or frustrated, you are welcome to restart the same scene the following day!

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Our approach is based on the concept of immersion. Try to understand through context. What is happening in the scene? What is happening to the characters?

If you feel blocked, you can access our pedagogical resources and get more information about the scenes here

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