Behind the Pronounce Headset

Meet Thibaut, your English Fluency Coach

Qui se cache derrière le programme de Pronounce ?

Découvrez Thibaut,
votre English fluency Coach.

“Let's break the English barrier”

Responsible for Pronounce’s educational content, Thibaut is a French-American professional trainer. 

As a trained professional musician, Thibaut has developed a unique approach to teaching English, combining his teaching skills with his passion for music.

He has been collaborating with Tomatis learning centers for over 20 years.

Today he is applying his expertise to the Pronounce project, to provide the opportunity to a broader audience to break the language barrier.

Thibaut Pronounce

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Speak English easily

Exercices designed to improve your spontaneity.

Our unique and original video exercises explore rhythm and musicality to help you improve your flow and your confidence.


By applying a variety of concepts (shadowing, rhythmic repetition, …), we focus on what is the most overlooked by the school system: spontaneity.

 Neuroscience applied to your English skills

Learn how we stimulate your brain, to progress faster.

We will be breaking down the neuroscience principles that we apply to our methods. What is the forgetting curve? Why do children become proficient in their mother tongue before knowing its grammar rules?


Understanding how neuroscience works in the context of learning will help you apply its principles better in your daily practice!

  Better English with Pronounce

With or without the headset, practice!

You can do the exercises without the Pronounce headset. This will allow you to understand our philosophy and the building blocks of our method, which were proven to be effective by an extensive scientific study

 If you own the Pronounce headset, this content will complement the 45 hours of audio already included. In addition, you will also benefit from the built-in auditory feedback mechanism, bringing the sound to your brain through bone conduction. Read more