Make your dreams come true by speaking English naturally.

Our vision.

Break the language barrier. 

We think that oral communication is at the heart of humanity. Our voice reflects our soul.

We want to break down language barriers and enable people around the world to communicate easily and unlock their potential.

We want to change people’s lives and give them the ability to create their own opportunities.

We want to create interpersonal and intercultural links between citizens of the world through spoken English. 

Our concept.

The most natural way to unlock your English fluency. 

We are all born polyglots, able to differentiate all sounds in all languages, but as soon as we become ingrained in our native language, we lose the ability to hear certain sounds, especially those that do not exist in our mother tongue. 

We believe that the current learning system for languages is very academic and relies on mechanisms that lock us in rather than sharpen our skills and senses. The learning offer for English is huge but not very innovative, whether on pedagogical content or on the technical approach.

We are convinced that the lack of rhythm and verbal fluency prevents us from having enough confidence to fully integrate vocabulary and syntax. 

But we also know that by combining neuroscience technologies and an innovative learning process, we make a lasting impact on every learner’s ability to understand and speak fluently English. 

Our DNA.

The most natural way to unlock your English fluency. 

We do not seek to differentiate ourselves from other players in the sector, because we are by nature different.  For 60 years, we have put neuroscience at the heart of our pedagogy. We rely on the results of those we serve to convince them of our effectiveness. 

Deploying the scientific heritage we have inherited is part of our daily work. Proving its effectiveness, measuring its impact and making it more accessible are part of our fundamentals.  

We do not seek to please the few who matter but to convince the many.  

We are committed to our work because we are convinced that our work has the extraordinary power to change lives. 

Our Promise.

Effort that pays off.

“Magic happens when you don’t give up” 

We are uncompromising with efficiency. We believe that there is no secret; there are no improvements without effort. 

We don’t like marketing that deadens vigilance and bets on idleness. We are not fond of subscription products, of promises of immediate results, of free offers but still paying. We believe that only the result counts.