Improve your English speaking skills and pronunciation

Speak English Naturally
Improve your spoken English with the Pronounce headset

Improve your English quickly

Develop your Spoken English with Pronounce.
Practice is the only way to make significant progress speaking English.
Speak English with the Pronounce headset

Improve your English twice as fast as with traditional methods by listening to specifically designed and recorded scenarios and repeating them. Our patented technology significantly improves perception and fluency in English.

Do you feel like your level in English is only average and you can’t seem to make more progress?

The Pronounce® Headset was especially designed to take you to the next level.

Become more spontaneous and confident thanks to Pronounce®.

Listen to English dialogues with the Pronounce headset
Listen to English dialogues with the Pronounce headset

Speaking English fluently is a must.

Don’t miss opportunities...
Lead a meeting in English with the Pronounce headset

Stay comfortable in English in any situation.

Keep your rhythm and focus...
Speak English on the phone with the Pronounce headset
To step in or even to take the lead during a meeting
To make a quick call and deal with an urgent matter.
To apply for jobs or projects in English.
To be recognized as a great public speaker by your clients and partners.
In a noisy environment such as a restaurant.
When interacting with people who speak English very quickly.
When interacting with foreigners who have strong accents.
Headphones to improve your English

Our method to improve your English

60 years of research & development.

As the owners of the Tomatis® method, we are the world leaders in neurosensory stimulation to facilitate learning and language acquisition. Today, we are happy to apply our expertise and technology to break the language barrier and enable everyone to reach their full potential.

Bone conduction ​

Thanks to bone conduction, information travels straight from the device to your brain, creating an immersive learning experience and improving your perception of English.

Linguistic program

The Pronounce Headset uses a training technique called ARRT (Automatic & Rhythmic Repetition Technique). This approach invites the user to automatically repeat the sounds, words and sentence structures. This enables you to develop healthy linguistic habits and helps you feel more comfortable and spontaneous. 

Dynamic filter

This patented filter focuses your attention on the specific auditory frequencies of the English language. It improves your perception of the linguistic rhythm and allows you to reproduce it effortlessly. This increases your natural ability to self-correct your speech.

Improve your English speaking skills

Train efficiently, at your own pace.
Rhythm of the English language with the Pronounce headset

Each language is defined by its own specific rhythm.

This means auditory frequencies, tone of voice, stress, accents, even the way we position our pauses in a sentence.

Don’t study it, practice it!

Pronounce invites you to listen to short every-day life dialogues. Then all you need to do is repeat the words and sounds you hear. The technology will take care of the rest. 

A step-by-step program.

Spanning over 90 days with only 15-to-30-minute daily sessions, our program is designed to help you progress seamlessly by simply listening and repeating. 

Rhythm of the English language with the Pronounce headset

Improve English easily

Speak English fluently.

Over the last decade, the use of English as a professional language has become a global norm. 

To most learners, the highest challenge is not to master grammar rules or to memorize vocabulary lists. What they want is to improve their confidence and flow in order to feel comfortable and convincing when they speak English. 

  • Patented technology 
  • Verified efficiency* 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed 
*The Audio Lingua study lasted 3 years and was led by 5 partner universities, in the presence of a control committee as part of the European Socrates program.
Make your point in English with the Pronounce headset
Understanding English intuitively, without making the effort to translate
Expanding your vocabulary and improving your syntax, without having to “study”
Talking with better flow, without overthinking it
Pronounce headset and linguistic program with the Pronounce headset

Pronounce Headset

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Pronounce works as an English fluency coach.

The program lasts 45 hours, divided into 15-to-30-minute sessions per day. Pronounce can be used alone, at work or at home, at your own pace and without any additional equipment, applications or subscriptions.

It is perfect for those who have an intermediate level in English and who wish to gain confidence and fluency.

Everything you need to know about Pronounce
Frequently Asked Questions.

During a year of testing with Pronounce users, we collected the principal questions they had. Find them here.

Do I need to purchase a subscription in addition to the headset?

No: the entire program is integrated into the headset. Buy it once and enjoy it for life! Since it is a stand-alone product, you don’t need anything else such as books, apps, or computers.

Is the content in American or British English?

All kinds of accents are available in the program. Our purpose: to make sure you develop an ability to communicate comfortably under all circumstances.

Will Pronounce correct my accent?

Your voice is live-filtered according to English frequencies. The processor generates sound variations to facilitate your perception and pronunciation. This teaches you to self-correct and your brain will be able to better integrate your progress. It will improve your fluency and pronunciation but it is not supposed to correct or change a specific accent.

Can I use the headset to listen to other types of content?

You can use Pronounce when taking online English lessons or when reading a text out loud. This way, you can benefit from its technology and keep progressing. However, we do not recommend using the headset for other types of audio content.

Is Pronounce adapted to my level in English?

Pronounce is for people who already have basic knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, and who want to improve their fluidity and oral fluency. The ideal academic level to use Pronounce is a B1 to B2 intermediate level

What should I do after completing my 45 hours of content with Pronounce?

Your Pronounce experience extends beyond the 45 hours of content! You can take advantage of Pronounce technology for your English lessons and online discussions. We also have new content available online, so you can continue to practice with your Pronounce headset! Stay connected!