Speak English

with the Pronounce® Training Headset

Speaking a language is a skill, not an academic subject or a science. Remember how you learned your native language!

A spoken language is defined by its rhythm, in other words its frequencies, intonations, accents and even silences.

Speaking English fluently implies fully mastering its rhythm.

This can not be taught with a theoretical approach. It needs to be hands on!

Why use the Pronounce® Training Headset?

Assimilate and reproduce the rhythm of English.

Pronounce® is the only standalone tool that can guarantee a thorough, intensive and effective training program.

It is based on the basic “Listen and repeat” approach we all experienced as children.

Our innovative method makes it simple and fun.

Is this for me?

If any of the following statements apply to you:

I avoid the phone at all costs and always send emails instead.
I struggled to follow the latest James Bond film in English
My thoughts are crystal clear in my mind but I can’t get them across in English
Speaking at meetings in English terrifies me because I lack spontaneity
I gave up on listening to Barack Obama’s inauguration speech to the end, even though I knew it was amazing
I am aware that the person I am speaking to is struggling to understand me (without daring to ask me to repeat)
I studied English for several years at school or online but I don’t feel like I’m making any more progress

You’ve got the determination, we’ve got the solution.

How it works?

The Pronounce® Headset acts as a language coach.

Comfortable to wear, the Pronounce® Headset acts as a language coach. It is completely standalone, does not depend on any other device or application.

After listening to short everyday life scenes, you repeat sounds, words and phrases taken from these dialogs in an automatic and rhythmic way.

Voices are modified in real time thanks to frequency filters which allow you to assimilate the rhythms of English more quickly.

This progressive program unravels over the course of 90 days at a rate of 15 to 30 minutes per day, simply by listening and repeating.

The headset can also be used during an online English class, or while reading aloud, in order to keep benefitting from the audio feedback loop beyond the listening program.

Our results

  • Better perception of English without having to resort to translation in your mind
  • Enhance vocabulary and syntax without having to learn consciously and academically
  • Better flow without having to think

The Pronounce® Headset is equipped with unique patented technology which was the subject of a study conducted on 128 students from 5 different universities*.

It allows to learn English twice as fast as traditional methods and to significantly improve confidence and fluency.

*Audio Lingua study conducted over 3 years in 5 universities
with a control group, within the framework of the European SOCRATES program.

Our guarantee

30 day satisfied or your money back.

Online test to assess your level. This test is an additional cost, but it is CECRL certified. 

Valid internationally, it will be a great bonus for your CV.

How does it function?

The Pronounce® Headset is equipped with a technology based on the Tomatis® Method.

It filters the signal to allow your brain to better perceive and process the rhythm of English. The audio signal is transmitted via the earphones as well as via bone conduction (the natural vibration of the bones when exposed to sound). This naturally enhances the immersion effect.

The ARRT (Automatic Rhythmic Repetition Technique) was designed by a team of neuroscience researchers and pedagogical engineers to enhance the integration of the rhythm and structures of English.

Does Pronounce
speak to you?

Official release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

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